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WOW Zone students create buildings on Sketch Up!
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
unit one
One Nation Run Team
One World How I wish for the whole world become one without discrimination. I love it.
one day

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"Naregawa Blue"/The Lonely This was highly annoying to draw, as you can see the infernal dress has many different types of Blues, hense why it is called "Naregawa Blue." This character, smiles, and looks straight forward, although she may appear happy the contrasts of blue give it a more depressing tone, the colour blue giving a sense of lonliness. This is what happens...
watashinomiteja Computer Graphics
#If you cut down one tree,Plant two When you cut down one tree, you plant two to prevent global warming
Tags: earth
Amayomide112 Painting, Watercolour
A Child in each one of us The image was created by the young people with the purpose of showcasing their creative skills to their community and role comics play in their day to day lives.
ayv Cartoons
A new day has gone when sun is gone
abdallah122 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
A pigeon sleeping inside one of Luxor temple's pillars The Luxor Temple has been over thousands of years an official habitat for many species of birds. This pigeon has found "safe heaven" in that pillar for spending its night!
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
A play for everyone's taste
dfox Print
A play for everyone's taste
dfox Print
Abandonados [Abandoned] Text reads: "ABANDONED in the streets" // "Grandparents// I hope we change our attitude" Moisés Rudas Poma - Blue Sparrow Huari, Huancayo, Perú
Tags: homelessness, human rights, elderly
bluesparrow Photography, Digitally Manipulated
abandoned castle 01 Digital photograph of abandoned and ruined castle in southern region of Slovenia, near border with Croatia. The castle is named Podcetrtek. The place is full of interesting and impressive sights of destruction, endurance, unique place to capture time.
stajduhar Photography, Colour
Aerial - Long Reef and Lonely Cloud - Sydney, Australia, February 2003 Looking out to the Ocean past Long Reef. Shot from 700ft during a brilliant first-time helicopter ride!!
Jarra Photography, Colour