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The Technicolour Optimist Its a self-portrait done in Photoshop7 using a mirror for refference. Its not much compared to past works, but I havent put much time into drawing over the past few months. This was just something to pass the time and turned out to be more of a tag than an artwork. The original is 3% larger.
Daddys_Little_Madman Computer Graphics
I am optimist some words in arabic artistic scripts expressing hope, optimism and willing to change.
Tags: hope, optimist, will, change, volunteer
Hafedhbenmiled Drawing, Pencil
Optimist This art piece is called "Optimist”. Actually when I began to do this piece I tried to reflect opposite to what I feel all the time which is being pessimist. This time I tried to make it more optimistic regarding that our life is really have both shares good events and bad events. Also reflecting the same subject I like always to support which...
msherif Computer Graphics