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Singapore National Orchid Garden A stroll through the garden on a rainy November day...

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White This was a really close look at a huge white orchid.
Tags: orchid, singapore
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
Orchids 1 Orchids - I love drawing flowers, espically nature. This is done with water colours.
Maitreyi Painting, Watercolour
Orchids More orchids - done in water colours
Maitreyi Painting, Watercolour
Orchidian Beauty Colorful flowers growing in the wild & in unexpected places just adds so much more happiness , even when there's a sadness!
Abober Photography, Colour
Orchid A gift to my mentor, on her 60th Birthday.
EugeneMontagna Drawing, Pastel
Tam87 Photography, Colour
Orchid, Red This is an unedited photo of an orchid plant in Borneo taken from an orchid collector's farm. His extensive collection includes some rare species and maybe even some have became extinct in the wild due to logging and other human caused damages. I would post other photo of Bornean orchids from time to time.
Zumma Photography, Colour
Orchidées I première pièce d'un dyptique illustrant l'orchidée. Cette fleurs est très souvent associée à la sexualité évidemment de par ses formes rondes et explicite.
Karine-iris Painting, Oil
Pink Orchid Pink Orchid Oil on Canvas 200mm x 300mm
JodiBilske Painting, Oil