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Outside the Borders Tnis exhibit is dedicated to the photos I shot during my trips out of my country, Egypt.

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birch outside bathroom window this is 24 by 36 in. the assignment was to draw a window with a layer in front of, the window itself, and a layer behind.
rockaturban Drawing, Charcoal
Kids Outside These photos depict the work Leben und Lernen in Kenia (Live and Learn in Kenya) is doing in the heart of the Rhonda slums in Nakuru. The Rhonda slums has a very high rate of HIV/AIDS in Nakuru. We cater to the children's primary needs: food, water, health, and education.
Brique Photography, Colour
Locked Outside Home's Borders... Without home,without shelter... Being locked on the borders of their own home, not being able to go home or to escape home...
yarinos Cartoons
Metamorphosis (The process of transforming from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.) In the depths of quarantine, the only constant I had was myself. I turned to my art to delve into me, a subject I'd never worked with before.
Tags: sky, self portrait, photography, blue, woman, girl, earth, move, nature, outside
et221 Photography, Colour
Outside What you might see if you were to take a walk in nature.
Boston12 Drawing, Pencil
superkidkelly Photography, Colour
Outside For some people, the outside is almost like a stranger to them nowadays. Ever since quarantine started, people are now required to work from their homes in isolation. This can have some negative and positive effects on a person's mental health, and the photo shows an example of a point of view of how a person views quarantine. From working at...
Tags: "outside, black and white, laptop, indoors"
CHernandez02 Photography, Black and White
Outside My Window
tushort Photography, Colour
outside working in the sun outside working in the sun
monicafabbri Drawing, Pastel
View from Outside... 'This is the 3rd in a series of 3 that present this underwater world through a different view using technology (program, Form-Z) as a means of exploration.' A.G.S.
amity 3D Graphics