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Submissions (11)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
a baby panda this is a baby panda, after 03 days of it's birth.
ashroffali Photography, Colour
Citadel of Spandau Citadel of Spandau, Watercolor, 11,6x15,9 inch, 1994, 180 Euro.
Tags: fortresses, brick-lined buildings, restaurants, citadel of spandau, realisme, germany, urban architecture, watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Pandas in danger of Extinction Artist(s): Sofia Marquez Organization: Asociacion Uruguaya de Difusion del Español como Lengua Extranjera Description: I did this job because I care about the animals in danger of extinction, especially the pandas, because their home is actually being threatened. Their home destruction affects the pandas because their principle food is...
ayv Cartoons
Save animals, save planet. It's time to save the cutest animals we all love.
Tags: panda, animal, safe, life, planet, pollution, environment, black, blue, white, time, gray, earth
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media