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King Baso The statue of King Baso in Northwest Cameroon. It was made in 1980 with pearls and wood (Gouon).
Tags: king, baso, art, africa, crafts, statue, cameroon, 1980, pearls, wood, gouon
kml29 Sculpture
Pearls I loved the way they looked in the light.
Tags: pearls, light, sunlight
ChelseaRoses Photography, Colour
Queen Chiefdom Baso The statue of the Queen of chiefdom Baso in Northwest Cameroon. It was made in 1986 with pearls and wood (Gouon).
Tags: queen, chiefdom, baso, cameroon, 1986, pearls, wood, art, africa, crafts
kml29 Sculpture
With Pearls My niece, Amber, looking beautiful wearing her pearl beaded necklace. She loves to play dress-up; and I think she's a georgeous 5-year-old. She was born on my B-day, how ironic, so on Jan. 17th, I'll be 19, and she'll be 6. Seems crazy she's that old already, but I quess that's how things go. :)
ilovebobmarley86 Photography, Black and White