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Peru_ Lady
Weaving Images- Peru
Peruvian project - Previous activities
Pictures of LIMA, Peru
Peru in Pictures PERU is the representative land of the Incas Culture. Located in South America, this amazing country has a new challange; bring to their people the prosperity of the past plus the recognition in their skills to enhance as a model of peace, harmony and beliefs for building a new world. Peru is bigger than their troubles and the history is...

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Peru The coloring of this work is absolutely beautiful. It is both a serious and comic rendering, as an huge bird is sitting on the world, all blown about with snow, clouds, and stars. The subject of the work seems to be the spread of AIDS all over the world, which is very sad and unfortunate for everyone. Congratulations to Margaret for a...
Peruvian Bouquet
laurentye Photography, Colour
Voluntariado en Peru Cusco Perú, ONG Hilo Rojo
Tags: voluntariado
HiloRojo Photography, Colour