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Perspectives: Inspiring Hope for a Brighter Future In 2014, TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3000 youth in 35 countries in creating digital media pieces about their issues, their communities, their dreams and their demands. We trained 150 educators to support and guide youth through this artistic journey. Youth from around the globe reflected on the realities of the world around them and created...

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There is beauty in every day. BE INSPIRED! I realise that with all of our busy lives sometimes we forget to stop and just admire how beautiful our earth is. So I’m hoping to send a message to remind us to appreciate what’s around us, but I’m also sending a message to inspire people. Today was my first day joining this website and I want to encourage everyone to help make a change-every...
Tags: environment, nature, activism, climate change, #savetheplanet, earth, green, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, life, #actnow
Sophia_123 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Native American Angel [spirit guide] The Native American Angel is a spirit guy. He stands at the bridge between this world and the next.
clarita Mixed Media
victoritadutu Painting, Acrylic
epiri womans figure
lashamelik Painting, Oil
Spirit protection Spirit protection. One white bird rises representing the restoration of health. The other bird is on the ground embracing the Native American Man in the picture. The faces of wise ancestors are in the sky watching over. The loyalty of their love is at work here. The bird that is rising is a powerful spirit guide who is able to enter the web...
clarita Mixed Media
Inspiration sleep Pencil on paper, 30 cm / 40 cm
Tags: illustration, pencil, paper, art
iovraluca Drawing, Pencil
the inspiration using islamic pattern in artistec way to create a pice of art...
Tags: culture
a7med1987 Drawing, Pastel
spirituality spirituality is the only way to liberation
paras8 Drawing, Pastel
Spirit of Nothingness This artwork represents a man who has this spirit of nothingness. An ordinary individual who once thought that he is nothing. But in reality, he has the potential to make this world a colorful and peaceful one.
ryanrivera Print
Elena Piredda
rossella Print