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Perspectives: Inspiring Hope for a Brighter Future In 2014, TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3000 youth in 35 countries in creating digital media pieces about their issues, their communities, their dreams and their demands. We trained 150 educators to support and guide youth through this artistic journey. Youth from around the globe reflected on the realities of the world around them and created...

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A Sea of Good Spirits Dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
clarita Computer Graphics
ASPIRATION says the father winding road ahead
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
Aspiring Illusion "To some, aspiration for big dreams is an illusion, like the idealistic heaven. To others --especially those who dare climb to their dreams-- the experience is heavenly." Niagra Falls.
AusetEva Photography, Colour
Australian Spirit
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Baba Bulleh Shah (spiritual poet) the man with magic in words
asis Drawing, Pencil
BRIDGE BETWEEN HUMANITY AND SPIRIT Date: 12-06-04 IT IS THE LINK BETWEEN THIS WORLD AND THE SPIRITUAL. It represents Peace and the unity of all beings. This piece is dedicated to my TIG friend, Udara, whose gentle spirit travels from the shores of Sri Lanka over the deep unfathomable waters of the seas blessing every heart it touches with love and kindness. Udara, angel of...
clarita Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Child Spirit A natural atittude for saying: "We are also as childs". It means inocence, happiness, freedom. So be yourself no matter what others say. I took this shot in 2000 on winter into a peruvian middle class house of Lima. In black and white with a jumbo photograph size of 15 X 10. I used a Canon 505 camera.
Latin Photography, Black and White
Child Spirit A child's attitude refreshes sometimes ourselves for being in front of new responsibilities and mature decisions. A youth that have the spirit for saying: "We are also like children". It means inocence, happiness, and freedom. So be yourself no matter what other says. Originally on black and white film with a jumbo photograph size of 15 X 10. I...
Latin Photography, Black and White
Children with genetic alteration SPIRAL TECHNOLOGY Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE"- can save to lifes. The Prices of the Building in area available to save the alive nature, tree, wood. The Syntheses of the genetic knowledge and mechanical engineers does the available architecture of the fantastic variety. The Project tested the mini a project for people with genetic alteration supported...
JURI Photography, Colour
Crow Spirit A drawing that comes from inside of me of a crow spirit and an Indian man.
clarita Mixed Media