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Hope Starts With A Single Plant The drawing displays how the government holds the Earth and how it helps in starting the first plant towards the fight on global warming. A SMALL plant can make a BIG difference.
ahmagelmauleen Computer Graphics
Planting earth 蔡欣泽
sharklin Computer Graphics
Protecting the world through planting of trees.. Stop burning!!!stop throwing of garbage!!! I made this because i want to express my feelings. Many people don't know to save the mother earth, they cut trees with out changing it or i mean planting another trees. I know that the best way to fight Climate change is to plant trees. So i recommend people to plant, throw there garbage properly...
Reltseh Drawing, Pastel
Plant trees to save earth The children are planting trees in order to fight global warming and prevent climate change. By planting more trees we can save earth. It will increase awareness
Razia Drawing, Pastel
Heart Transplant This is about Aboriginal native title - decisions made by the Australia's High Court about traditional ownership of the land. Also, there is a message about how well the current owners of the land are treating it.
lisathurston Drawing, Pencil
we take care of the plants( Adriano) we take care of the plants
monicafabbri Drawing, Pencil
Plant a deciduous tree Planting a deciduous tree can help shade our houses, since trees can offset fifty pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year.
Noblezubby Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Plant are dying Morales Medina Nicole - 3rd. Grade Primary
ciencias-fmalpartida Drawing, Pencil-crayon
joconda Ink, Pen
Clay Planter Still Life Interpretation of Light and Shape.