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Growing investment opportunities for medical professionals The medical fraternity in India has never had a single window opportunity to invest smartly in real estate. Considering the round the clock professional commitments they keep, they rarely get the time to look at real estate as a critical component of their service offering - that can help take their services to new residential & business...
Portugal Views Impressions from my travels around Portugal, a small but very diverse country.
Her Portrayal - Paintings By Amber Worsfold
field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore
Ishan Varun - My Portfolio. Ishan Varun Portfolio with reference to Modelling,Acting,Singing,Rapping,Songwriting,Musical Instrumental Playing etc.
Singapore - April 28th -29th
Philippines: Portraits
4Prudy Self Portraits
4Harrison Self Portraits
Portraits Art This exhibit about painted portraits by using the photoshop and others effects work .
Des portraits Beaucoup de gens n'aiment pas se faire prendre en photo. Mais je ne suis pas une photographe commerciale, mais une artiste engagée et passionnée. C'est donc pourquoi un photoshoot ne dure pas que quelques minutes, assis sur un bancs, mais plutôt des heures à s'amuser avec le sujet, de sortes à vraiment pouvoir capturer l'âme...
PfK 2006 Gulfport Collection Created by Tambra Stevenson, the 2006 Gulfport Collection, part of the Postcards from Katrina, was created based on photography taken in the Gulfport area of Mississippi USA. The artwork is made from a mixture of acrylic paint and charcoal. Each piece has a spiritual signifance and powerful story to tell and share.
Contemporary Egypt
Paisajes de por ahí En esta exhibición voy a ir colocando paisajes que me refieran a poesía o remembranza.
Portaits A woman is not only beautiful for her lucious hair and her fine lines. What makes her special is the light in her eyes, the lightness of her movements, and the sweetness in her words. These, are all part of the conquest of she who reflects, creates, fights and grows. Every woman is beautiful for the many gifts she sacredly hides inside her, and...
Singapore National Orchid Garden A stroll through the garden on a rainy November day...

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Singapore I like the confetti and starlight painted in this funpark scene by Marcus. Some grinning children are inside the exhibits clowning around. There seems to be a water slide and a house full of balls. What fun to play the day away in the new millennium.
Her Temporary Home
Photography, Colour
Wings of Opportunity Jenny Dwyer, age 16, St. Kevi's High School, Newfoundland Wings of Opportunity Whatever happens to a child during the present day will effect the children of generations to come. The world we live in should make a commitment to provide children with a safe, loving and caring environment where they can grow and strive for a positive...
Drawing, Pencil
Photography, Black and White
Photography, Black and White
Photography, Black and White
Photography, Black and White
SELF PORTRAIT IN IBIZA, SPAIN Self Portrait in Ibiza, Spain. w/shells inlaid from Ibiza & mica flakes representing the sand and stone. Pinky finger points to the moon. Hands have magic sparkles in palms. Toes have french pedicure. Contact the artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
SELF PORTRAIT W/SUMO WRESTLERS This is a portrait of the artist with two very famous Sumo wrestlers in a night club in Tokyo. The figure on the left's kimono is a collage of b&w photos. The middle figure's top is made of diamonds. The figure on the right's kimono is made of firewheel flowers. Acryllic and collage on canvas. Contact artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
Importance of Treatment Literacy Kgapane Health Care Workers in Training
Tags: importance, of, treatment, literacy, kgapane
AdamMalapa Photography, Colour