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Philippines: Portraits
4Prudy Self Portraits
4Harrison Self Portraits
Portraits Art This exhibit about painted portraits by using the photoshop and others effects work .
Des portraits Beaucoup de gens n'aiment pas se faire prendre en photo. Mais je ne suis pas une photographe commerciale, mais une artiste engagée et passionnée. C'est donc pourquoi un photoshoot ne dure pas que quelques minutes, assis sur un bancs, mais plutôt des heures à s'amuser avec le sujet, de sortes à vraiment pouvoir capturer l'âme...

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A Floral Self Portrait A self portrait under a different art name. It is one that I saw of a fashion from sex and the city.
diana7 Painting, Acrylic
A Portrait of Claire Forlani This is a portrait of the actress Claire Forlani. You may remember her from the movies Mallrats, Meet Joe Black, and/or Anti-Trust. And before you ask; No, I do not only draw movie stars. I drew the Fight Club drawing because I loved the movie but I drew Claire because I thought she was hot. <br /> Original is on an 8.5 by 11 sheet, drawn...
Daddys_Little_Madman Drawing, Pencil
Abstract portrait (reduced) This is my first go at a painting thats totally how I wanted to do it, it's not brilliant but it's a start I think..
Joble Painting, Acrylic
Beaver Self Portrait I am inspired largely by the “natural” world. Throughout my work, I tend to explore the relationship between the natural and built environment. During my years as an undergrad, I have come to associate myself with a beaver. My love for the Canadian wilderness, interest in outdoor adventure, hard work ethic, craftiness, openness to challenges,...
Tags: beaver, portrait, tail, teeth, camping, canoeing, glasses, natural, identity
artrageous Painting, Acrylic
Blue Barn Portrait Jasmine, a PER rescue.
CourtneyMetz Photography, Colour
Blue portrait This is a blueprint of my face.
urssulasss Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Colour Self Portrait style of Rafaello Angel 24 x 30. Acrylic on Mayfair Paper. Assignment 2.
lavittoria Painting, Acrylic
Construction Portrait
catzpaw Photography, Colour
I am a Beaver Call it a self-portrait; I believe that I am a beaver. I strongly identify myself as sharing similar traits to a beaver. Before jumping into this piece, I listed a bunch of qualities of a beaver. As the list got longer and longer, I was beginning to convince myself that I was closely associated with this animal that was known for its hard work,...
Tags: beaver, ceramic, clay, trees, portrait, identity, ontario
artrageous Sculpture
Iquania Portrait Done in mechanical pencil, but changed contrast, darkend, etc with a computer program. This portrait was drawn from a reference photo of an iquania that was once owned as a family pet. I consider this as one of my best detailed pieces and it has a lot of "emotionless-expression"
Paperweight Drawing, Pencil