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Bien Hoa P5 Class Intro POSTERS
Water Conservation Posters
Education means change (poster) The poster is a project about the situation of education in the world. It demonstrate that developed countries have highest literacy rate than developing countries. It also shows impacts of a good access to education can have on the society.
Political/Artistic Posters & Cartoons (Palestinian)
Logos and Posters Some logos I designed...

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ECO BUSINESS POSTER Go green in your business.
Tags: green, grass, briefcase, business
jocelyncharli Print
It all comes back to us It all comes back to us and the Earth comes back at us. It's time to take an immediate action to decarbonize our planet and stop climate change.
Tags: poster, climate action
Allonso1234 Mixed Media
gender equality poster Through international cooperation and borderless networks, women’s voices started to be heard more and their voice started to be more effective in different communities. Change start by all of you.
tarina Collage
Poster This one of the poster use to enchane the culture of Africa expecially in the mix of Art Students of Poly Ibadan
femlad 3D Graphics
Zoo Poster A poster done in collage to be used for the Cleveland Zoo.
MattRudawsky Collage
Mothership Gaia August 06 poster The rainbow halo behind our Earth reflects the diversity of unity. The background is mixed from photographies of Orion...It has a dreamy feeling and refers to the story of Mothership Gaia, the myth I'd love to unfold with people. Down to the left you see World Tree Island with the three Pyraspheres. Pyramids with spheres on top to reflect the...
Mothership-Gaia Computer Graphics
Afghan Boy and Landmine Poster Hopefully this was an effective Landmine awareness poster. Please visit Childlight Foundation for info on how you can help.
epiphyte Photography, Colour
Heat Movie Poster-Art I was born in 1978, and I believe we are already in a new era of cinema. I am part of the older "New Silent Generation," and we watched movies in the USA like "A Few Good Men" and "Heat." I/we love classics like "Lawrence of Arabia" too. I am a fan of general "pop art" and "pop music" in America. This piece of art represents my...
Abishai100 Mixed Media
Figo-Poster This is a photo of Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo, which I manipulated with the Mac software, ArtRage.
Abishai100 Mixed Media
Message on the Pavement Here is a message written on a London pavement. I think it could have been written by a homeless person.
Tags: tom, laine, pavement, note, square, writing, clue, warn, thank, you, reminder, message, grey, poker, stripped, poster, card, suit, pattern, remains, clues, advert, print, danger, door, gate, fence, warning, locked, mesh, closed, yellow, black, blocked
catflap108 Photography, Colour