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Total Eradication of Poverty in Africa World help africans, we needs your help in total eradication of poverty in africa.
DO GOOD For the demolition of poverty In the existing of our life, I think we must do something good. Don't hesitate to DO GOOD, This world is full of plights people …

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The Dual Challenges of HIV/AIDS and Poverty A warmly dressed young lady offers a pair of condoms to a wet and cold panhandler in a busy downtown street. The panhandler is shocked because he is primarily concerned with his basic survival needs, while the young lady on the other hand, is more concerned with his health and safe sex. Can the problem of poor health and HIV/AIDS be adequately...
Photography, Colour
Poverty Relates to AIDS: Society Must Help Her AIDS is a disease that affects the young people and adults. This picture helps to open your minds about how AIDS and poverty relate. This girl’s father died two days after she was born and her mother has just passed away last year. Since she has no guardian or a home, she has become a victim of poverty and become a street kid. Her state or...
Photography, Colour
It is about life a Mum with her 3 children in the street, where is humanism
Tags: poverty, development, hunger
abdallahimaur Photography, Colour
THE EFFECT OF POVERTY This piece of art means to me that poverty causes diseases, HIV/Aids and death. So That Poverty kills the people and is one of the enemies of Human being: Abukar Albadri
albadri10 Painting
Child Poverty This is the photo collage that was at the end of our presentation. Done by: The No Name Brand Group
AlessiaIacucci Collage
Child Poverty This is the photo collage at the end of our presentation that depicts the outcomes of children living in poverty. Done by: The No Name Brand Group
AlessiaIacucci Collage
Poverty Female labors are working with male in a paddy processing centre. They survive with a very struggle in life. This photograph was taken by Md. Arafatul Islam from natore (Banpara) district, Bangladesh.
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Poverty A female sweeper is sweeping paddy in a paddy drying and processing centre. Like her thousands of hardworking labors prepared rice, which is our national food. Photograph: Md. Arafatul Islam
arafatul Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Seeing the Poverty Artist: Cristian Dillman Description: In Uruguay, we get used to see homeless people in the streets, without a home, without food, and is horrible. We should be instructed to help those people without ask nothing in return. We should be instructed to see one homeless in the streets as something weird, not as something common.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Evermore - Make Poverty History Photo of evermore at the Make Poverty History Concert held in Melbourne, November 17, 2006. Was a great night, and I thought this photo shows how both celebrities and the public alike (14,000 people were at the concert) can get involved with the Make Poverty history movement.
BoNo_FaN Photography, Colour