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Power of Education Successful Education is the implemented Education! The only time to realize the power behind Education is when you put it into practice. How then can Law student realize his potential as a great lawyer when he sits around and does nothing about it? How best can a writer enjoy the work of writing when he is too scared to make a step? The point is...
The Power of Media Imagine a billboard at the busiest intersection in the biggest city in the world. Every day, millions of people walk by and see it. This billboard has the power to communicate, connect, open minds, change opinions, and plant seeds for positive action. This billboard is a form of media: the means through which most of our opinions and...

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2011 -2012 EMPOWERMENT ISSUE_Page_24 Most people who contribute to Empowerment Magazine have direct or indirect experience of mental health challenges
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Photography, Colour
Woman Power This is a very special piece. Measuring 2'x4', it is a portrait of woman with red henna on her arms and legs, in a butterfly bathing suit [collage elements] speaking in front of a Muslim mosque wall. Word is incorporated into the wall, blessings of ancestors and lyrics. Her necklace is inlaid with real quartz, opal, rose quartz and brass....
3delilahs Painting
Is He Powerful If we can't change our ways and lives than who will made Him Powerful?
adnanmian Photography, Colour
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 3 One of many murals painted by OYE Honduras students at schools throughout El Progreso, Honduras. This particular mural represents the hope for improvement of Honduran society that education provides.
alexyoungblood Painting
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 5 This is a sketch of a mural planned for the OYE office. This piece comments on the extreme violence currently plaguing Honduran society.
alexyoungblood Drawing, Pencil
Butterfly Power There's a theory that says if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, for example in South Africa, the air disturbance caused by that one flap has enough force to trigger a storm somewhere else in the world a month later, for instance, in Nunavut, Canada. If that's the case, imagine the power of your ideas and actions to help...
Angelicum Computer Graphics
Solar power Rural India is developing day by day,however this modernization is yet to reach further level and to each village.Here you can see a solar panel which lights the house in the night during electricity shortage.Also notice,a satellite dish for Television on the terrace.
b9 Photography, Colour
Empowering a Brighter World In my artwork, this young girl from a BIPOC background is seen happily floating in the sky holding balloons that contain her vision for the world that she aims to reshape. She is wearing a rainbow dress, symbolizing her identity as a 2LGBTQ+ community member. The balloons represent my vision for a greater world that all politicians should work...
catherinewang10 Computer Graphics
Flower Power
catzpaw Photography, Colour
-THE POWER OF CULTURE--RURAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME Ghanaians love their music. Wheter it is folk, gospel, highlife or hiplife ( Ghanaian version of hiphop). One of the means by which CHDSC Ghana reaches the community is through entertainment education model where only performing arts are used. Here are two photos of the CHDSC's cultural troupe, Obrumankoma Traditionals of Mankessim in action...
chdscghana Photography, Colour