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Power of Education Successful Education is the implemented Education! The only time to realize the power behind Education is when you put it into practice. How then can Law student realize his potential as a great lawyer when he sits around and does nothing about it? How best can a writer enjoy the work of writing when he is too scared to make a step? The point is...
The Power of Media Imagine a billboard at the busiest intersection in the biggest city in the world. Every day, millions of people walk by and see it. This billboard has the power to communicate, connect, open minds, change opinions, and plant seeds for positive action. This billboard is a form of media: the means through which most of our opinions and...

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Dialectics of power *
cybermutante 3D Graphics
Power Of Fear This piece has a certain meaning of getting in over your head, however the fear inside brings out great power to overcome boundries. Computer Graphics can be a very power item
primal Computer Graphics
Power Of Fear A very dramatic piece. Leads human power through internal fear
primal Computer Graphics
Butterfly Power There's a theory that says if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, for example in South Africa, the air disturbance caused by that one flap has enough force to trigger a storm somewhere else in the world a month later, for instance, in Nunavut, Canada. If that's the case, imagine the power of your ideas and actions to help...
Angelicum Computer Graphics
Sun and Moon Power Universal source is as Hermes Trimegistus said "As above, so below". There is always the feminine vastness of space which is the sacred container, and the masculine lightening bolt of energy that is the father. From them both is everything expanding out in ever widening diversity of creation and expression. Everything that is possible to...
spiritize Computer Graphics
Youth Empowerment It is a graphic image that made sense to me and that spoke in little words.
globalaids2006 Computer Graphics
Power of Smile
debasmitaddg Computer Graphics
Climate Change - A Sense Of Empowerment ! Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges that has faced humanity. How we face this challenge and how we reconcile our differences to find answers to this enormous challenge will define our own ethics and principles, our outlook and our concern for the future and most of all our sense of responsibility to ourselves and to our planet.
Tags: my mother is bleeding
Wangchuk Computer Graphics
The Power Of Equality it is four colored hands touching
Tags: four, hands, colored, power, equality
floydthebarber Computer Graphics
Power to women! Gender equality is still out of reach for several women in the world. Together we can change the situation.
Delphinee Computer Graphics