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Power of Education Successful Education is the implemented Education! The only time to realize the power behind Education is when you put it into practice. How then can Law student realize his potential as a great lawyer when he sits around and does nothing about it? How best can a writer enjoy the work of writing when he is too scared to make a step? The point is...
The Power of Media Imagine a billboard at the busiest intersection in the biggest city in the world. Every day, millions of people walk by and see it. This billboard has the power to communicate, connect, open minds, change opinions, and plant seeds for positive action. This billboard is a form of media: the means through which most of our opinions and...

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We still have the power to choose in which side we want to live! If we do the right thing we can save our planet and live symmetrically with nature.
Tags: brazil, brasília, Tupi Guarani, ClimateChanging, airpollution, droughts, floods, saveourplanet
ingrid2209 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Knowledge is Power this is titled as a result of the ignorance of the boy about educational background.
Tags: may chieu
waleadesokan03 Painting, Watercolour
Power of Speech As a way of promoting equal right and freedom, right to speech should be given adequate consideration without any sence of inferiority complex as experienced during colonial era in Africa. When Africans were being wantonly punished for what they did not do. But now (in this present age) the whole world should embrace freedom of speech as a way...
waleadesokan03 Painting
Mind Power Digital illustration 175,9 x 124,2 cm March 2011
NAKATA Mixed Media
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 3 One of many murals painted by OYE Honduras students at schools throughout El Progreso, Honduras. This particular mural represents the hope for improvement of Honduran society that education provides.
alexyoungblood Painting
Reclaim power NVDA against the coalfire powerplant powering Washington DC.
Tags: powershift09, reclaim power, activism, police
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 5 This is a sketch of a mural planned for the OYE office. This piece comments on the extreme violence currently plaguing Honduran society.
alexyoungblood Drawing, Pencil
Climate Change - A Sense Of Empowerment ! Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges that has faced humanity. How we face this challenge and how we reconcile our differences to find answers to this enormous challenge will define our own ethics and principles, our outlook and our concern for the future and most of all our sense of responsibility to ourselves and to our planet.
Tags: my mother is bleeding
Wangchuk Computer Graphics
empowerment This photograph for me is a symbol of empowerment. The growing gender disparities lead to ‘gendered’ development processes and outcomes, which in turn contribute to perpetuation of poverty and discrimination and impede the achievement of goals of sustainable human development. Without an emphasis on empowerment of women to fight the structural...
jamal Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The power of an insight If everything had to inverted, only those with the insight would servive the maze.
erioch Photography, Digitally Manipulated