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Youth Representative I am standing in the African shirt beside the player in the red
edmundo-8 3D Graphics
Egypt... The Past... The Present Created by students ages 8-12 years old at AMIDEAST in Alexandria, Egypt.
PAST AND PRESENT I want to bring the past, the earth that doesn't have problems
Tags: save, safe, love
Lorenzo2 Drawing, Pastel
Past, Present And Future The past is accounted for, and the future is still to come. But the present is here. This is one of my more personal favourites. Not in particular the artwork but the idea presented, to grab hold of today because it's all you have.
bobbiemck Mixed Media
Aesthetic Representation of Health The tree represents health as an entity. The left side represents an unhealthy lifestyle versus the right side which represents a healthy lifestyle that enables an individual to thrive.
alphateam Painting, Acrylic
Aesthetic Presentation The tree is a representation of health as a whole. The left side represents an unhealthy lifestyle versus the right side, representing a healthy lifestyle.
alphateam Painting, Acrylic
present, future
mariarpn Photography, Black and White
Yafa-Past And Present, يافا ما بين الماضي والحاضر In this photograph you can notice the contrast of Old Yafa, and the newer Yafa, and the sea is lying in between.
ruba Photography, Colour
Yafa Past And Present 2, يافا ما بين الماضي والحاضر 2
ruba Photography, Colour
The present of the future The condition of children in present day rural India.
richamathur Photography, Colour