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Imprints Photo set of orangutan.. Threatened by Climate Change
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints Art Contest Winners
Imprints The Imprints Art Contest invites you to create art on the theme of ecological footprints and climate change. Enter for the chance to win a prize and have your work included in an international art exhibit at the COP16 climate change conference.
40 Day Footprint
Imprints Art Contest Collection CONTEST WINNERS Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Imprints Art Contest! Due to the impressive quality of all submissions, the judges had a difficult time selecting the winners. After carefully reviewing all 120 entries, from contestants in over 30 countries, the judges are please to announce the following winners:...
Memories Prints
Music Prints The force of the music this in our senses, our inner world.

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Entrapment Swirl (print)
abiliciouz Print
Aids Leave your print
AhmedTammaam Photography, Colour
German Fingerprint This piece was done for a project my artist colleague Vittorio Pavoncello of Italy thought of. It is about the Holocaust. I was born after the war but as a German there will be always that special fingerprint hanging over you. For this image I used a self portrait painting I did when I was 13. At that age I often thought about the Holocaust and...
artingrid Mixed Media
glocal harmony 2050, collage by bitwatt Inter-actors and actresses that act locally and think globally to the "rhythm" of the "BIT & WATT" dance, re-inventing the "rhythms" to build the world of "useful profits" instead of one of "futile returns".
Tags: global, local, glocal, harmony, people, technology, nature, climate, change, foot, print, billion, 2050
bitwatt Collage
Imprint or Imprinted, Desert Imprint or Imprinted actually happened by accident. probably the best type of art. This page and the one after it are connected. The simply landscape on the right was a simply blending experiment.
bobbiemck Mixed Media
Imprint or Imprinted, Tripping Imprint or Imprinted is the reason for the previous version, the patterns on this page are also from the previous page of the patterns drawn on the desert landscape. The page on the right is a list of places I want to travel to.
bobbiemck Mixed Media
Message on the Pavement Here is a message written on a London pavement. I think it could have been written by a homeless person.
Tags: tom, laine, pavement, note, square, writing, clue, warn, thank, you, reminder, message, grey, poker, stripped, poster, card, suit, pattern, remains, clues, advert, print, danger, door, gate, fence, warning, locked, mesh, closed, yellow, black, blocked
catflap108 Photography, Colour
My clean and green footprint. Art by Aryan Khanna, Grade 6, Suncity School, India. Description: "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; We borrow it from our children..."
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, pollution
clannapurna Mixed Media
Leave only green footprints... Art by Srishti, Grade 10, Suncity School, India. Description: My conscience is clean, My footprint is green....
Tags: india, Suncity School, Green footprint, environment, climate change
clannapurna Mixed Media
Unique as a Fingerprint The connection between a fingerprint and a face is all too apparent in this drawing. It shows the uniqueness of humanity and yet anyone can see themselves as the face. We are all unique yet the same.
Tags: fingerprint, portrait, face
friday13th777 Ink, Pen