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A wall..a prison That wall you built is but a prison to you and to me...I'm locked here and you're locked there...though we're supposed to be living in one world
yarinos Cartoons
Prisoners of Smart Devices I think that, if smart devices become our most important aspect of our lives, we become their slaves. They control our lives, not we. It's a huge world problem.
Tags: smartdevices, enslaving, nocontrol
kristinemarija Ink, Pen
Imprisoned Hope Laura Bydlowska, age 17, St. Mary's Catholic High School, Ontario Imprisoned Hope Only when we learn to share will the constrained and neglected butterfly of the malnourished break from its cocoon and fly along with the one liberated in the sky.
Mixed Media
Arabian Prisoner change your life fight for your life dont share in makeing yourself an arabian prisoner
Tags: what is it
MarwaAdel Mixed Media
Still Here The subject in this photo is a resident of Oasis which is a social housing complex in Vancouver Downtown Eastside, located at 40 East Hastings. Most residents at Oasis are ex-convicts, addicts, sex workers or persons living an at-risk life in general. What I meant to portray by taking this photo was the fact that through it all, this gentleman...
Tags: vancouver, downtown eastside, drugs, abuse, convict, prison, dtes, housing, shortage, oasis, neighbourhood, society
juliak Photography, Black and White
1 Joke = 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment! The brutal military regime in Myanmar (Burma) put these three comedians/puppeteers/artists in jail for a "joke" at one of their performances. Two of them were sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment. The Moustache Brothers are now under house arrest and can only perform within the confines of their home.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Imprisoned Dog
catzpaw Photography, Colour
Robert Sobukwe's Place of Imprisonment Robert Sobukwe, one of Robben Island's political prisoners, was confined in this area for the length of imprisonment. It was also an imprisonment of solitary confinement. For more information on him
kirstenjordan Photography, Colour
Qui pense que les prisonniers ne sont pas des humains? Voici la photo du régisseur de la maison cent Il s'agit d'une photo qui a été prise lors de la mise en oeuvre d'un de nos projets de capacitation des détenus et gardiens de prisons de notre pays que notre association avait réalisé.
kouyate Photography, Colour
The Imprisonment of Calves Calves are often kept in hutches to protect them from weather, disease and the stress of having to compete for food. Farmers are able to manage each calf individually. (By Courtney VanKampen)
chengzhao1993 Photography, Colour