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My art: A look to the protection of the beaches... The inspiration this given by the protection of the sands and the student project of Cuba SOS for the LIFE
The S.O.S. for life and climate change protection The collection about art S.O.S. for the life and protection of climate change, it presents the art of students and groups of the faculty of Early Childhood Education at the Marta Abreu University of Las Villas in Cuba.

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An Angel That Protects Small Animals An angel that protects small creatures takes a dog and her baby away from harm. "Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission - to be of service to them whenever they require it. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of...
clarita Computer Graphics
Blacksploitation Witness Protection Plan Whimsical imagination about where all of the bad guys from the seventies cinema went.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Crane Protection This is the crane.
Sevarahon Painting, Watercolour
Crane Protection In this picture, the hunter is killing the cranes.
Sevarahon Painting, Watercolour
Crane protection Crane protection.
Sevarahon Painting, Watercolour
Environmental protection Raising people to protect the environment
Tags: environment
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Environmental Protection Educate people about environmental protection
Tags: environment
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Environmental protection-08 The earth needs our protection---the Way to protect the earth.
Cindea Painting
Eye of Protection I took this piece in East Jerusalem. Right after I took the picture the boy in the mirror offered me a tour of the church. "This is an old painting of a dead guy, here is another painting of a dead guy. Do you want to go sit in the corner with me?" "Ummm.. I'm okay"
Photography, Colour
Ganesha - "The protector" Acrylic on Paper
mrutyu317 Painting, Watercolour