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Gardeners Road's Recreational Centre

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Leafless Tree due to global warming trees shed their leaves to cope with changes in environmental conditions
Tags: background, bay, beach, beautiful, beauty, blue, calm, caribbean, cloud, coast, coastline, day, exotic, horizon, hot, idyllic, island, lagoon, landscape, nature, ocean, oceanic, paradise, plant, recreation, relax, relaxation, resort, sand, scenery, scenic, sea, seascape, shore, sky, sunlight, tourism, tranquil, travel, tree, tropic, tropical, turquoise, unspoilt, untouched, vacation, vegetation, water, wave, environment
soctober Photography, Black and White
Recreation at the Source of River Nile This is Nile Resort, a cool breezed hotel just across the source of the Nile, it is one of the leading tourist destinations in this mother country, GIFTED BY NATURE
p-30 Photography, Colour
Our Recreational Centre
preuger Photography, Colour