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Community Red Cross Youth Helping in times of disaster
Shattered World This painting is about humans destroying Earth. The glass represent Earth where it is being destroyed by humans as we are cutting trees and polluting. The shattered glass symbolizes that it will be difficult to fix Earth.
Fundred Help make safe the lead-contaminated soil in U.S. cities that puts thousands of children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Draw your unique Fundred Dollar Bill, upload it to the Taking it Global Fundred Collection Center, and be part of the solution to eliminate the devastating effects of lead-contaminated soil...
Sinai, the Eastern Desert, and the Red Sea This exhibit is dedicated to the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian Eastern Desert, and the Red Sea region.

Submissions (301)

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Red Rose This is a typical english garden rose from a Sussex Rose Garden.
aaronsheps Photography, Colour
Tortured Childhood in Palestine
adham5555 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
roses are red acrylic paint on canvas 11''*14''
adrnmtc123 Painting, Acrylic
Roses aren't Just Red The roses at the Bangalore City Market come in all colours. Orange seems to be Bangalore's favourite.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Coloured Marigolds The celebrated marigolds come in several colours. Each colour and variety are equally popular.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Red Beauty I don't know the name of this beautiful flower but it's red colour struck my eye from a long distance.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Red Summer The dry summer gives rises to unusual colours in the park.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Cyber Predators 2006- I hope, I can Cyber Predators 2006 How do you protect yourself against people who want to cause you harm? I want to learn more about the styles of life and training of children to get skills in painting of the fine arts in North America (I'm the artist, student).
Alis15 Collage
Red Drop A frame of when a drop fell into a bowl of red.
Alycia Photography, Colour
someone else's fundred from a student in New Orleans
amandawil Markers