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Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Respect the culture of others A representation of different skin colors , gay and straight colors. The whole message telling to tolerate , help , share and love the differences found on earth.
Tags: peace, love, earth, tolerate, culture
jonathannaoum Computer Graphics
Respect Creators: Jessica Rivero, Mauro Veloso, Stella Suarez Creators wanted to stablish that no matter who you are, where are you from, who do you love, or what do you do, you must respect each other, because we are all human and we live in the same planet.
Tags: dignity, respect, discrimination, prejuice, human
dagf2312 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Fotokids/Valeria illustration, respect, dignity.
Tags: illustration, respect, dignity, guatemala.
evelynmansilla Collage
Canada's Respect No Description
Tags: Canada150
LuckyLuc14 Computer Graphics
Mutual Disrespect
antbarron Drawing, Pastel
Respect. Attraction. Pressure. Love. Information. Stereotypes. Control. Six young women from Toronto, Canada reflect on how they see HIV in their lives.
girlesau Mixed Media
Respect other species To keep the natural balance and maintain the long life should care about all the species.
Cindea Painting
Rights,Responsibilities and respect for women Artist(s): Poornima Meegammana; Medah Herath; Lahiru Wanigasekara Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Women empowerment is giving rights, responsibilities and respect from world says Poornima amd Team in thier poster. They created this poster for "Women Empowerment" campaign in the city. Exhibited in City library and and school notice boards...
ayv Photography, Colour
Respect old age Artist(s): Manthan Charles; Aman Kasar; Organization: Community Development Centre This project was taken up by few youths due to poor status of old age people in community. Very old person are facing lots of problem. When we see the older person in trouble, we just say Oh No ! its not enough. Need to sensitize self and respect older people
ayv Photography, Colour