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Latinoamerican identity I believe in the social change, and the climatic change afects the people more than we think. Finally, is the indigenous peoples who gonna lead positive change in the actual crisis, we need a revolution, and we need it now. End with the capitalism is how we gonna stop the climatic change.
Tags: indigenous, marx, revolution, communism
oftensimple Collage
Where Revolutionary Energy Comes
Angel_on_broomstick Computer Graphics
AFRICAN REVOLUTION This is an African Map with an emerging elephant, signifying the greatness of the upcoming revolutiong in Africa!
dgreatafrican Computer Graphics
Revolution Done during COP15
thomasthom Markers
Information Revolution The ''Information Revolution ''is one of the digital creation presentations of art forms ever to be organized with lines and cycles . This groundbreaking focuses on light and black and white during the formative period modern century is a retrospective of the most new forms expresion.
costa Mixed Media
Revolution Created by a student age 13 at Martin GT Magnet School in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. Honorable Mention Award, 2008 Global Youth Murals Project
PTPIGYM Mixed Media
Revolution, A Must as a means of moving a society forward and ensuring equitable access to technology, the world at large should see communication as a means of changing the entire world through which knowledge,information could be easily impacted and by all means must be developed, and make use of to the climax as seen in the painting,this face looking forward to...
waleadesokan03 Painting
REVOLUTION says the activist through the shattered window we see what we are working towards
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic