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Rhythms of Harmony Created by students age 13 at Gopi Birla Memorial School in Mumbai, India.
PTPIGYM Drawing, Pastel
Rhythm within tradition Come to Zambia and you will feel it. You will have 72 different tribes to sample our african diversity and the lovely thing is, we have never had a civil war or threat of one. WHEN WE SPEAK, WE SPEAK AS ZAMBIA "RHYTHM WITHIN TRADITION"
Kanji Photography, Colour
feel the rhythm some times if not all the time we want to go back to the old days to set and listen to the life when it go .. when it in us ..
Tags: adi, oman, old, feel rhythm, feel, rhythm, squ, graphics, youth
AdiAbdullah Computer Graphics
rhythm of colors Colors for life.
Gfaruque Painting, Acrylic
rhythm These girls belong to the Telangana region of India it is presented in different way. bellies, and we can observe her fantasies in back ground
Tags: red
kapparikishan Painting, Acrylic