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Jackie Robinson NYC - Script Writing
field trip to Sungui Buloh Wet land Reserve, singapore
Field Trips and Activities
Our Trip to the Brooklyn Navy Yard
My trip to Athens Light is shed on the attitude the Greeks had toward war and battle by the characterization of the god of war, Ares, and the goddess of battle, Athena. The Greeks hated the god of war and depicted him as a bully and a coward, while showing Athena as glorious and virtuous. Unlike the Romans, who glorified Mars (the Roman name for Ares) because...
Trip to New York
Road Trip Sometimes the most fun thing in the world to do is to simply take a day-long roadtrip. These are photos I took on a drive Aaron and I took through St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

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(Triptico) Cala Rojo y Carnivoras. Una metáfora Figurativa. Oleo obre tela. 3 piezas 30" x 16".
francisvirtual Painting, Oil
60's Mind Trip I took this Photo in my backyard, it was originaly of some flowers, i felt there could be much more added to it, so one night while enjoying some Hendrix i changed this Photo into what you now see.
perspektv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
CANADA TRIP There are many beautiful places in the world. How i wish to have an apartment in a beautiful area like Canada.
intelligentcop Sculpture
bdbmagic Print
Chicks Rip!!! Girls rock on the waves! :)
ilovebobmarley86 Drawing, Pencil
Don't Hide What's Really Happening I am worried about the way we use up our resources, and how our nature is slowly deteriorating, and we are just covering it up. We need to step it up and save our nature before its to late. I made this picture like a poster, and its ripped to show whats really underneath.
Tags: pollution, canada, tree, water, lake, mountains, grass, bush, green, smog, cloud, charcoal, paint, factory, rip
TFCupcake Mixed Media
Drip irrigation saves water Riego por goteo para ahorrar agua
Tags: water
CarlosChiu Painting, Watercolour
Dripping plastic Is it water or is it plastic in our oceans?
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Efecto Mariposa
marioliva Painting, Watercolour
Food: a prescription for good health Eat food but don’t waste it. There are many hungry and starving. We are lucky to have food but not everyone is. Eat responsibly
khadijakiran Painting