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Digital Rose
BA 3D Graphics
the rose
yacbos 3D Graphics
Guns and Roses Guns and Roses is an artistic view of violence in Colombia analysed by a group of displace children victims of the internal conflict. It is also the resault of a psychological and social recovering procces throughout arts and visual literacy led by a Visitor Scholar from the fine arts depatment of the Witwatesrand University Amichai Tahor and...
Utria Collage
The-Eloquent-Warbler Computer Graphics
Obama Angel [Rose of Hope] angel Obama rose of hope
clarita Computer Graphics
Angel Obama [Rose of Hope] Angel Obama the Rose of Hope
clarita Computer Graphics
Obama Rose of Hope Obama is our rose of hope.
clarita Computer Graphics
Rose Among The Thorns 'First experience of creating art on canvas! Experiment of pastel medium instead acrylic. The rose represents an individual emerging from a negative and scared environment heading towards an unknown universe.' -VL
lavittoria Drawing, Pastel
Holding Fire Roses This picture is about a woman in the Ukraine.
Tags: mask venicia
kostumier2010 Drawing, Pastel
Black&White Rose Obviously one of my favorite subujects. But I really like the close look into the rose.
kelleyjar Drawing, Pencil