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Submissions (86)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
A Yellow Rose
eszter Photography, Colour
A yellow rose 1.
eszter Photography, Colour
Angel Obama [Rose of Hope] Angel Obama the Rose of Hope
clarita Computer Graphics
Around We Go With Rosemary Kitching Rosemary loves to dance! She started square dancing in 1963 with her husband. In her film she models several of her square dancing dresses, and says that she has learned many lessons on the dance floor, including patience. Rosemary’s advice for young women is enjoy what you’re doing, live a happy life, love a lot, have fun and don’t have too...
ayv Mixed Media
Big Red Rose Abstract This piece, like all of my work, lets me express myself in a unique and unusual way. With Abstract work one has no limit of expression.
lindyb Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Black&White Rose Obviously one of my favorite subujects. But I really like the close look into the rose.
kelleyjar Drawing, Pencil
Blue Rose This is another rose but I really like the close view and the brilliant blue.
kelleyjar Ink, Pen
Blue rose! Mystic like a blue sky!
mipsa Photography, Colour
Chinese Tea and Roses Title: Chinese Tea and Roses To me this picture symbolises the importance of intigration, culture and difference in our world today. I believe that intigration and difference are an important part of life and this in turn could be taken up in art. I hope I have made a start in this venture by producing this painting which emphazises both...
pitzachef Painting, Watercolour
D Grade Roses The throw away roses at a rose factory in Ecuador. Ecuador is the number one importer of roses into the United States and workers rights are always dictated by the bottom line. Fair trade needs to be demanded by the consumer not the farmer.
Tags: roses, ecuador, fair trade, labour rights
zacmosphere Photography, Colour