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Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
:: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: :: A Rural Farmer in front of Paddy Field with Mobile PC :: A Special shoot took at Dhaka, Bangladesh Medium Used: Digital Camera Original Size: 1200*1600 Pixel
akzaman Photography, Colour
OUR RURAL CULTURE This is a Silver pot. Its' capacity is 6 to 7 liters. In rural areas, women use it for drinking water. In rural areas women get water from very far away.
arq Photography, Colour
Rural Village Housing issues in local communities.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
-THE POWER OF CULTURE--RURAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME Ghanaians love their music. Wheter it is folk, gospel, highlife or hiplife ( Ghanaian version of hiphop). One of the means by which CHDSC Ghana reaches the community is through entertainment education model where only performing arts are used. Here are two photos of the CHDSC's cultural troupe, Obrumankoma Traditionals of Mankessim in action...
chdscghana Photography, Colour
Rural Woman This picture is about a rural woman in India.
D8 Painting, Oil
CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program) CYF volunteer with Rural Children (relief program)
green Photography, Colour
rural youth its a reflection of aspirations of rural youth, with eyes full of dreams and smile saying that she can face all difficulties with ease
jamal Photography, Colour
Hockey Night In Canada My defining moment represents our culture as Canadians. Yeah it's hockey, kind of a Canadian cliche, but I see my picture as more than that. I see our determination, our love for the land, we're willing; no actually we want, to stay out past supper to have fun. We want to stay out in the cold for just five more minutes to finish our hockey...
Tags: hockey, rural
JessicaP Painting, Acrylic
Doorways to Ethiopia- Rural Area
jongbloed Photography, Colour
Rural idyll Rural idyll - oil painting on lesonit
jozefkuti Painting, Oil