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Palisades (Summer 2012)
Palisades (Summer 2012)
Palisades (Summer 2012)
Sadenie stromov časť prvá
World Vision Youth Ambassadors
"El peso del pasado" Pues, la realidad laboral es aveces fría y cruel; con pocas oportunidades para aquellos marginados y pobres que, para subsistir deben de hacer cosas poco humanas. Las fotos son tan solo un extracto del peso que muchos individuos cargan en sus espaldas desde hace ya mucho tiempo.

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Hope In Sadness He was born as a village boy into a poor family. He has been to the city twice and saw what it takes to be enlightened. With his poor background and the poor socio-amenities
TAkinwande Drawing, Crayon
Don't Turn This Planet Into a Sad Place Created by students age 13 at Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Nr. 1 in Moreni City, Romania. Winner, 2008 Global Youth Murals Project
PTPIGYM Painting
Sadness of Mother Globe Globalization and urbanization has had a negative impact on modern world. “Sadness of Mother Globe” represents the culture of continuous modernization and globalization replacing local norms and values that has been working to preserve this earth for ages.
Tags: globalization, nature, climate change, culture, youth, sadness of mother globe, globe
shenyll Mixed Media
Humanity It's one thing to acknowledge the less fortunate, and another to do somethng about it. I hope for world peace and light at the end of a tunnel, I hope for wars to end and for the less fortunate in developing countries gain better lives.
Tags: child, boy, sad, art, pencil, help, developing country, raiya jessa, graphite, drawing, person, alone, hands
quest19 Drawing, Pencil
Sad Day for Civilisation Trauma icon for America, the events unfolded on TV for the rest of the world. I felt a great loss, left the TV on for weeks. I did this drawing a year later to the day.
Tags: polotics, impressionist
em7 Mixed Media
Sad with Bongos I didn't do much to manipulate this, except brighten it up a bit... I was sitting on the floor with my bongo drums, in front of a candle, otherwise in darkness. I set my digital camera to snap a shot 10 seconds later... voila :) looks kinda spooky for my bedroom.......
derekmartin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Sad Man Painting and Photograph: 1024x768 pixels : June, 2002 I created this after visiting the surrealist exhibit at the AGO. I used a painting (watercolor) with a photograph, using Adobe Photoshop. He looks sad. I do not know why I chose green, which gives the image a nuclear radiation feel. I like the contrast, pink, green, and black. It is a...
ravestar Mixed Media
Karis Drawing, Pencil
A sad 20 March of 2003,the war on Iraq became reality justa couple of hours ago.Today is too sad.Humanity is challenged.Thousand souls are broken. Scared and speechless and anger and lights of screams.
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated
La Casa Rosada Ac
damianprofeta Photography, Colour