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Two Thousand Two I created this piece with Photoshop, earlier this year. While viewing my exhibit (presently september 2002!), I realized there are so many pieces of art I created this year and have not added them yet! This is the first of many yet to come...!<br />
lavittoria 3D Graphics
Sandstorm Sandstorm. Something different. Something, harsh.
Predattack 3D Graphics
Thousands of cats and zero care in the world Life doesn't matter when you've got thousands of cats.
globalgallery 3D Graphics
Twenty thousand legions Made this collage from screenshots of a movie I just watched. Can you name that movie?
Tags: exploration, eggs, jellyfish, glowing
darhcik Collage
USANDO A CRIATIVIDADE Quando reciclo, ajudo a preservar o ambiente.
Tags: reciclagem, meio ambiente
ElizabethCampos Collage
Death of a Thousand Cuts How the spirit of a child is butchered. Little by little.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Sand Storm After visiting the American South West and Mexico and viewing all the turquoise jewelry I began to imagine strange things about the substances we dig from the ground and the importance or value we place on them. This almost a dream about how these minerals got there and the destruction it takes to get them out and to what end?
nandrye Mixed Media
Oil Sands Production, Digital, 2557 x 1125, 2017 The effect of Alberta's oil sands industry on the environment.
Tags: canada, edmonton, Oil sands, Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation
bnguyen07 Painting
Cassandra (2001) "Acrylic on canvas. From the 'Blue Eyed Girl Syndrome' Series." -KD
Keina Painting, Acrylic
roses- a rose speaks thousand words. "The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”-author unknown
vas21 Painting, Acrylic