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Parkchester Unit 1 Project: Save the Plants
Save Orangutan - Project Borneo 3D by Dino Fitriza Orangutan is Critically endangered. Only 6,600 sumatran orangutan and 40,000 to 50,000 borneo orangutan in the wild today. Deforestation threaten Orangutan habitat. Project Borneo 3D the movie is a project to save orangutan and borneo rainforest from destruction. Support me in Project Borneo 3D the movie.
Save Wild Life I am trying to educate people mainly youths on wild life.

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SAve the drama Computer Graphic Distortion
Midlifeloki 3D Graphics
Save World Hunger At least it gets the point across, world hunger is one of the biggest problems that many families face and are afraid to face. And I want people to know that I do care what else is going on in the world.
Tags: world hunger
Janay Cartoons
Save the Ocean Animals The artwork shows the importance of saving ocean animals from pollution.
JEJD-MAT Collage
Life Saver? At what cost? I really feel that the story in this montage is very self evident. Just look deep inside. This is another photomontage where the story is in the elements juxtaposed together to create a deeper meaning. This is the second artwork of three in the series. The composition was created as academic work at University.
kalkalith Computer Graphics
SAVE DAFUR We must not let another Rwanda happen. We need to join our hands together publicising the genocide and putting pressure on our leaders to intervene.
desholakomolafe Computer Graphics
Save the Children Save the children ,These are future of us ,
arq Computer Graphics
Save The Earth Save the Earth
arq Computer Graphics
Save the Earth Everyone has a part in saving Earth.
Tags: eco ad mashup earth
MunirRahmani Computer Graphics
save the last DROP! The water below represents virtually all the water in the world, but some segment has been rendered unusable (unsafe, undrinkable) as a result of the dumping of pollutants into it. The drop falling from above represents the only source of fresh water to the world, but it may also be exposed to the similar harmful human activities towards the...
Tags: water, environment
franhil Computer Graphics
"LET'S SAVE LIVES" The tree symbolizes "life". While, tying the gun refers to "stop violence". A greener environment means peace, and peace refers to life, a good life, that can only be achieve when violence cease to exist.
Tags: environment, tree planting, saving mother earth, saving people\s lives
ArizNWonderland Computer Graphics