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Landscapes Oil paintings with theme: landscape
LVVL Scarborough - Causes of Violence
landscapes All these paintings belong to the city of Huancayo in Perú.
Landscape Brainstorming my childhood I find myself flying over landscapes, retriving memories and emotions from what might had been forgoten. It's always a start to boost criativity.

Submissions (135)

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Scarlet Maple Leaves - Under a Satin Blue Sky Oh, Canada! I found these leaves for thee.
PinchMe Photography, Colour
Canadian Landscape Taken over the sky of Lake Manitouwabing in Ontario, Canada (Latitude: 45 29', Longitude: 79 54') as a few clouds rolled through, this High Dymanic Range (HDR) image encompass what the Great Canadian North is all about. -- Lake Manitouwabing is a sprawling, many bayed lake on the North Branch of the Seguin River. It is essentially shallow with...
RobertM Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Scars of the Soul This video was created through the AYV program at Project Seres. "This strong documentary the elder from Santa Marta speak about the war and the reasons for it. The ones in charge of change are the present generations. This video was produced by youth from Santa Marta, El Salvador. As a part of the Adobe Youth Voices program during 2014-2015,...
ayv Mixed Media
Trabajando por el rescate de la ciudad El dibujo expresa la preocupación de los niños por el cuidado de las ciudades al apagar los fuegos que se presenten
danielbb Drawing, Crayon
Landscape of Canada
elena Computer Graphics
A Girl Escaping Death In her religion she is supposed to wear a hijab, her parents were strict and they compelled her too. But in grade 11 she decides to take it off because she feels more comfortable that way and she wants to fit in with everyone else. A guy in her school took pictures of her without her scarf and sent it to her parents. Her brother told her how her...
ms-Shaista Computer Graphics
Sun Sets in Madagascar There are sevral things I miss about living on the beach in Madagascar. One of the things I miss most is watching the sun set over the water and seeing the sky appear to catch on fire. The perfect way to end any day.
ocian Photography, Colour
amanda Painting
Sea Scape The water splashing over the little hill.
Maitreyi Painting
Sunset Landscape 'Inspired to paint the watercolour piece because of the beautiful sunset photo on the left' -VL
lavittoria Painting, Watercolour