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S.O.S. Collection for life, from the School of Early Childhood Education. Cuba. The Model: The seabed ... is an expression of the protection of the oceans
From Residential Schools to Reconciliation: A Celebration of Art & Writing As part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, students from across the province are invited to share their writings and artwork that depict their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. The celebration is open to grades 1 to 12. Participants may submit works of art, poetry, film, video or writings in this celebration....
St Peter´s School: What is Education For?
APC-Dong Nai School Clean-Up!
Jiangsu International School
St. Gregorio's School Mumbai
Ferry Lane Primary School
Taradale Primary School - Sets and Costume Design
Wilbury Primary school London Costume design album
School: post a picture of where you go to school
Cleveland High School
Taradale Primary School
Chewton Primary School
MS 172 Class 623 Our School Hoodie Fashion
Charlotte Preparatory School
The Bishop Strachan School
My School
Cleveland District State High School
Millen Woods Public School
Taroona High School: Ranga Day
Hackley School in winter
Carlton Primary School
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
School Artwork Examples
Taroona High School's Photo Journey
Artwork by W.H. Morden Public School
Gloucester High School
Marrakech HR Friendly Schools
Macklin Public School
Russia: Slyudyanka, School #2 Перед вами - работы учеников школы № 2, г.Слюдянка Иркутской области. "Мы любим принимать участие в подобных конкурсах".
Russia: School #24, Irkutsk This collection features art work created by Grade 9 students, School #24 in the city of Irkutsk, Russia. The artists are: Evgeny Lemeshevky, Svyatoslav Yachmenev, Zhenya Kirillova.
Russia: Podgorny Art School These are works submitted by students of Podgorny Art School for the art-contest "Russia Through the Eyes of Youth". The ages of the participants vary from 12 to 15.
Russia: School Ecological Initiative, Gatchina, St. Petersburg This collection features art work from the Interregional ecological movement «Gatchina –– Gatchina region –St-Petersburg – Kronshtadt» (The Program «School ecological initiative») located in Gatchina, Russia. The main activity of the organization is environmental education and awareness-raising. From 1995, the organization holds art...

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Happy Indian School Girls These school girls enjoy going to school, learning how to read and write, Hindi, Mathematics, etc. Their education is being enabled through their father's earning in Dubai. In their village you hardly see any fathers, since almost all of them have a job far away from home.
Bernanderl Photography, Colour
the nursing school a bus
Tags: haiti, ccrp
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Lotus in the School Artist(s): Prabhashana Hasthidara Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Description: Prabhana Captures a lotus in School Pond during AYV digital photography training.
ayv Photography, Colour
back to school How started: Bokul is a boy of ten. He lives with his family at North Kalshi slum, Mirpur, Dhaka. He has 2 brothers and a sister. Bokul’s father is paralyzed since 5 years. His mother is so aged that she was unable to do any job outside of the home. Both his elder brother and sister have got married and they are living separately from them. So
Tags: story, back to school
masud27 Photography, Colour
The Lives of the Sekolah Bisa Children (The CAN school) This submission is a video created by myself and a group of students at my school, The British School of Jakarta, Indonesia. In this video we showcase our partner school “Sekolah Bisa” and its students, all of whom are children living in the shanty towns of Jakarta. This school was created by previous students of the British School as part of...
Tags: video, shanty, shantychildren, poverty, indonesia, third-world countries
michsinggih Computer Graphics
St Jude School - Every Last Bit We are getting to a point in which we are colonizing every corner of the world
Tags: jungle, green, nature, ecological, recycle, protect, animals, pollution, colonization
JuanCrbone Drawing, Pencil
walk to school Are we addicted to the independence that our cars give us? Does that make us also addicted to their harmful effects, like pollution, road-deaths and climate chaos?
shtig Cartoons
Afghanistan Government School. This is a government school in Afghanistan.Students do not have access to healthy learning environment.
yahya842 Photography, Colour
back to school bags treat bags with school supplies for children who attend food pantry
SHeditsch Print
School garden model
dfox Print