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WOODEN SCULPTURE OF BOTH ROUND AND RELIEFS FROM UGANDA The exhibition is about the promotion of my art.Since my government do not take much concern about promotion of youth talents therefore most of youth here in Uganda do not take part in creativities.Young people possisbly children are found in streets moving around because they believe their government is not gonna suport them.Another thing is...

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Future Flower. SCulpture Art form representing a possible future organic life as the previous piece, each on is a different creation.
69 Sculpture
Enjoy the view of the Stibera Sculptures Authors: Antonio Zvedakoski, Bojan Bogoeski, Darko Medaroski, Tamara Bogoeska Organization: Primary school Krume Volnaroski Student learn about marbal sculptures, photoshop elements, Macedonian ancient simbols, and new symbols.
ayv Computer Graphics
"Tree Woman" Live size Paper Sculpture;H-2m long;
Tags: sculpture, paper sculpture, paper art, tree sculpture, body, tree
GTnArtGallery Sculpture
"Tree Woman" Live size Paper sculpture.
Tags: sculpture, paper sculpture, tree, woman
GTnArtGallery Sculpture
Sculptures of Mahabalipuram - 1 This is part of the famous temples at Mahabalipuram, depicting the part of Mahabharata. Education of Pandavas and the Penance of Rishis on Himalayas, the flow of Ganges, the different wild seen on the Holy mountains are all depicted here.
kiranmayeev Sculpture
Sculpture from 12th century
kiranmayeev Photography, Digitally Manipulated
clay sculpture 1
Konrad Sculpture
clay sculpture 2
Konrad Sculpture
Discovery During the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown I’ve started going in my backyard more often and made the discovery of clay in the bottom of a hole! I mixed it with water and made miniature bear, cat, and bowl sculptures out of it. The moss growing beautifully on our worn down fence was the perfect “gallery” space to display them on. Looking...
Tags: art, sculpture, clay, bear, cat, pandemic, lockdown, nature, outdoors
lisalam1 Sculpture
sculpture Habibou Cissé
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated