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company quality techno seeds‎ ‎MM ‎Hamouda Ahmed‎‎ ‎MM Hamouda Ahmed Hamouda Ahmed Hamouda Ahmed MM Hamouda Ahmed‎‎ Picasa Web Albums - magedhamouda70 Photos by magedhamouda70‎ LINKS with pictures of all the research by MAGED HAMOUDA From Egypt ‎company quality techno seeds‎ EGYPT MAGED HAMOUDA : WORKS breeder Field Crops...

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Seeds of Life - part 2 (3rd prize Art) Ashley Akins, age 18, University of Victoria, British Columbia (la version fra
Mixed Media
Seeds of Life - part 1 (3rd prize Art) Ashley Akins, age 18, University of Victoria, British Columbia (la version fra
Mixed Media
Sustaining Seedlings Our collective actions serve as the seedlings manifesting the blossoming movement of climate action. These seedlings grow and nourish to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In brief, climate justice does not only revolve around the environmental spectrum, but it also roots out to socioeconomic, political, and...
Tags: human, seedlings, sustainable, development, climate justice, collective movement
cjmendoza Drawing, Pastel
Seeds Of Diversity We are the children of flowers One morning I woke up from a beautiful dream in which I heard a song that was sung to me by people who lived on the water in a wonderful place. It went like this: We are the children the children of flowers flowers from a special seed They fell out of heaven down to the ground and we were born from the...
clarita Computer Graphics
The Color Seeds Tree Seeds of many colors come from this tree and paint the world with rainbows.
clarita Computer Graphics
Trees for change; 3,500 more seedlings planted for change ! The pictures were taken in the city’s Karura Forest and on the slopes of Aberdares Mountain range Kereita Forest in Kenya. A total of 3,500 seedlings were planted on the two tree planting sessions towards the billion tree campaign. The ICRAF staff and Huruma village residence planted 2,500 seedlings in Karura forest while the UNEP staff together...
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Multi-color,flavor,shape,size,smell,seed The variety of food in this world is amazing .. but even more amazing the natural products that we consume! . This picture is a sample of the beauty of the nature and how we take it for grant. Enjoy!
donaji Photography, Colour
emergency seeds Evaluation of seed kits is impartial sought after to try to particular grade new. In some circumstance back to the leading and principal fact emergency seeds of the journalistic, it is understandable and sure to elasticity and rebound the desire and pleasure seeking of survival seed bank an eagerness as they had a garbed and ethical variety and...
Tags: seed, kits
fancylui03 Photography, Colour
Holocaust Holocaust ( A M o m e n t of S t r u g g l e ) Sculpture Title: Holocaust (a moment of struggle) "This Captivate art of miniature sculpture that I have created is a fantasized through imagination that never occurred in reality". Medium: Clay, Paper Board, Acrylics sheets, Wood and Wires. Comment about Subject: This piece of Art is design in...
Tags: seed
mayadon Sculpture
seeding (Giulia) seeding
monicafabbri Drawing, Pencil