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4Prudy Self Portraits
4Harrison Self Portraits

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SELF PORTRAIT IN IBIZA, SPAIN Self Portrait in Ibiza, Spain. w/shells inlaid from Ibiza & mica flakes representing the sand and stone. Pinky finger points to the moon. Hands have magic sparkles in palms. Toes have french pedicure. Contact the artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
SELF PORTRAIT W/SUMO WRESTLERS This is a portrait of the artist with two very famous Sumo wrestlers in a night club in Tokyo. The figure on the left's kimono is a collage of b&w photos. The middle figure's top is made of diamonds. The figure on the right's kimono is made of firewheel flowers. Acryllic and collage on canvas. Contact artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
Self portrait Self portrait
Tags: self portrait
alejandrocabeza Painting, Oil
Self Portrait with Blue Hair I painted this one very quickly while looking at myself in the mirror. It does not look like me, but it is me.
Artchickliz Painting, Oil
Beaver Self Portrait I am inspired largely by the “natural” world. Throughout my work, I tend to explore the relationship between the natural and built environment. During my years as an undergrad, I have come to associate myself with a beaver. My love for the Canadian wilderness, interest in outdoor adventure, hard work ethic, craftiness, openness to challenges,...
Tags: beaver, portrait, tail, teeth, camping, canoeing, glasses, natural, identity
artrageous Painting, Acrylic
self portrait digital art,printed on canvas,limited edition,50/40cm
bianca2009 Print
Self Portrait of BlackCat In the Internet world, and to my friends, I have always been associated with cats. After being known as BlackCat and feeling that that was becomming who i really was, I decided to try sketching a view of 'who i am'... the human outline is my own, but the face is the background you see a face that can take its place...that of a cat.
BlackCat Drawing, Pencil
Self Portrait Acrylic on canvas, 60x50
bourini Painting, Acrylic
Self Portrait My Self Portrait...
brandonpsk Painting, Acrylic
Self Portrait of the Artist in Her Youth
DarkVulture Photography, Colour