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4Prudy Self Portraits
4Harrison Self Portraits

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Self Portrait If I were digital, I would look like this.
saraheirons Computer Graphics
[untitled] self portrait this wasent meant to be a quick sketch so i took my time. again i tried to focus less on the detail maybe more of a feeling... I should develope more
jesus003 Drawing, Chalk
Self Portrait This is my self portrait which I completed when I was twelve. It's a little bit rough but I like it because I feel that it shows my true self.
rbsamanthe Drawing, Charcoal
Self Portrait of BlackCat In the Internet world, and to my friends, I have always been associated with cats. After being known as BlackCat and feeling that that was becomming who i really was, I decided to try sketching a view of 'who i am'... the human outline is my own, but the face is the background you see a face that can take its place...that of a cat.
BlackCat Drawing, Pencil
Self Portrait Self Portrait
KillBarbieDead Drawing, Pencil
This is me in Orange (self portrait) Love orange colour...
DarkVulture Drawing, Pencil
Self Portrait Pencil drawing of me. I did this drawing for a life drawing class at the Art Institute Of Colorado to see comments and reviews on this drawing visit
MikeYork Drawing, Pencil
untitled(self portrait) this is a self portrait...i know you cant really see my nose or my mouth... i believe in simplicity... i tried to focus on my eyes and gesture...
jesus003 Ink, Pen
Self Portrait This is a self portrait that shows the light and dark shadows created by a picture taken. It is made out of tissue paper entirely, over paper. I created it with an analogous color scheme. There are words written in black marker that speak of personal emotions to create lines around the different colors.
labellasorella Mixed Media
Self Portrait One 24 x 30. Acrylic on Canvas. First Assignment. September 2003. (Black Wash Self Portrait) We were asked to bring in a mirror and paint our portrait using only black. It had been about 2 years since I had picked up a paint brush, and having missed the last class (where they discussed technique) due to an unexpected death of a highschool...
lavittoria Painting, Acrylic