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Water Stewardship 2015
Coastal Stewardship at Brookwood
Leadership. Youth. Development. Youth in the Middle East & North Africa region are faced with a variety of daily struggles, from a lack of clean, fresh water in countries like Palestine, to high unemployment rates in Egypt, to complicated ethnic and religious divisions in Lebanon. Youth have begun gathering together to discuss these issues collectively, and to seek out...
Entrepreneurship: A Dream Job When we are children most of us dream of becoming space explorers, police officers, secret agents, or fire brigadiers. As adults many of us will not walk into space or become James Bond. Some of us get caught up in the hectic pace of times and can no longer make the time to dream. This is your opportunity to remember the job you dreamt of as a...
Virtual Citizenship, Real Safety The internet is a place to explore, a mode of communication, a source of information. Many people find and thrive along the information highway, rounds its curves and linkages. Others find a venue for expression and nodes to give voice to their opinions and creative thoughts. People go online to find the latest news, download media and link to...
Russia: Art Group 'Friendship', Youth Centre 'Nadezhda', Novosibirsk Courtesy of NGO "Школа роста"

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Peace and Friendship Created by students age 9 at "Andrei Muresanu" Secondary School in Deva, Romania
PTPIGYM Mixed Media
Friendship - Peace - Love Created by students age 5 at TC MEB Ozel Mavi Ucurtman Anaokulu in Ankara, Turkey.
PTPIGYM Mixed Media
Green Economy a Stewardship Mandate for All Our transition towards a green economy requires a stewardship mandate by all, making efforts to reduce carbon growth, foster social inclusion, and engender wise use of resources. The outcome is a movement towards sustainable development.
Tags: green, economy
franhil Computer Graphics
Nature's Ring of Friendship Created by students age 12 years old at Gopi Birla Memorial School in Mumbai, India.
PTPIGYM Drawing, Pastel
World Friendship Bridge One of the biggest problems in the world right now as described by the iEARN 2010 youth is racial intolerance. This one problem is the root that branches out to become many of the other problems that ravage our world: war and poverty. Only through education and learning of one another’s culture can we bridge the gaps between our peoples. That is...
Tags: multiculturalism, diversity, unity, peace, world, bridge, globalization
Araf Painting, Watercolour
love and frienship This Piece shows that true love and friendship only exists when you treat each other with dignity. It discourages viewing anyone from a religious or tribal aspect as people should be seen by their character only
Ann-k Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Hands Across the Water in Friendship Created by students ages 8-10 at St. Anne's Catholic School in Bristol, Virginia USA.
PTPIGYM Painting
Ship of Elfin Ship of Elfin" is a Paper and Craft work that i have done. Here, i have composed Ship over Elfin tower base structure, to give more dramatic effect, it's a kind of pirate ship resting over coffin of chest and beneath is a Elfin structure to support, and give a creative artistic touch and a well composed structure. it is for sell if interested...
Tags: pirate ship
mayadon Sculpture
Peace and Friendship for all People of the World Created by students ages 15-16 at A. Baranauskas Secondary School in Anyksciai, Lithuania. Honorable Mention Award, 2007 Global Youth Murals Project
PTPIGYM Painting
Peace and Friendship Created by students ages 6-7 years old at "Andrei Muresanu" Secondary School in Deva, Romania