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Nasr City water shortages - Why do all people in this bus smell so horribly! - Well, this bus has departed from Nasr City!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Water Shortage “The Water Shortage” The Old dwarf woman queues with other community women for the scarcity of water has drawn heavily on them. They always come with their containers to queue early for water to reach them. This has caused them so many problems. They have lost their strengths, weight to inadequate water and insufficient water supply. There was...
Running out of Time The hourglass symbolises the lack of time our society is facing regarding food shortages in our economy today. Although Australia is one of the few countries who luckily are striving enough to survive environmental impacts due to global warming however bush fires is greatly affect our nations farm lands.
Tags: time, fire, food, shortage, australia, farms, environmental
rhart127 Painting
Still Here The subject in this photo is a resident of Oasis which is a social housing complex in Vancouver Downtown Eastside, located at 40 East Hastings. Most residents at Oasis are ex-convicts, addicts, sex workers or persons living an at-risk life in general. What I meant to portray by taking this photo was the fact that through it all, this gentleman...
Tags: vancouver, downtown eastside, drugs, abuse, convict, prison, dtes, housing, shortage, oasis, neighbourhood, society
juliak Photography, Black and White