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A Sky of Gold and Light Just something i created when i was looking for inspiration.
Predattack 3D Graphics
whisky "whisky" is collage about celebrating the idea of celebration !!! and the empathy it creats !!!
harpreet Collage
Vanilla Sky Again, another collage of different magazine and newspaper cuttings to represent the things that are important for me. In workshops with youth, I like to start with this activity, for them to reflect and express, who they are, and what they want to become!...
Bonhomme Collage
Czesky Republica Photos from Vashalav Castle
Tags: castle, statue, grape vines, mountains, czech republic, gibraltar
darhcik Collage
Sureal Barbados Used a bunch of photos from a family photo album on Picasa.
Tags: path, hotel, sky, ocean, concrete
darhcik Collage
In Between the Haze and the Sky The work applies the technique regurgitation, linear perspective and contrast. The work used the copy of newspaper and magazine as materials. The left side of the painting represents the haze, the right side of the painting represents the blue sky.
Tags: city, haze, sky, building
JustinHuang666 Collage
Dragon in the dark sky I love dragons, i have always drawn these creatures but this was done on the computor, so i didnt realy draw it but oh well it still looks cool...
vixster666 Computer Graphics
Climate Bird (2009) Climate Bird (2009) "Even small, insecure and may be unable to manage its immense task. Its equipment is sparse - the navigation is extremely difficult. It is not jet born for this complex mission and winds will become storms and catastrophes will get more violent. We should equip it with everything it needs and monitor its flight concentrated...
Tags: climate change, bird, environment, symbolic, storm, sky, instrument, navigation, wind, colours, bernd wachtmeister
wachtmeister Computer Graphics
Wichi - The sky above the village Authors: Javier Argimasser, Malvina Argimasser Organization: Cloudhead The Wichi are an aboriginal people who live throughout the northwest of Argentina. They have thousands of years of history as a nomadic people migrating throughout the highlands and lowlands of Central South America (Argentina/Bolivia/Paraguay). They possess a distinct...
ayv Computer Graphics
Take a moment to breathe well being for me is to take a moment to breathe, to appreciate all the thing that surround us, watch the sky, feel the air and breathe
Tags: flowers, plants, sun, sky, girl,
lauravjean Computer Graphics