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Africa's Smile This work shows a young African girl with superimposed creatures from Africa. This work expresses the happiness found in living a simple and primitive life, where nature and humans live together in a peaceful existence. It is seen in her smile, the untainted love and innocence of the African child.
ainhoart Mixed Media
Smile can shine in the most breathless space. Take it everywhere you travel cuz thaz the language we all share.
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Smile This is one of the girls at Hoa Binh Village where we came to volunteer on Global youth Service day..Hoa Binh Village or Peace village is a place for disabled children of venterans who are affected from American milatary's chemical " orange" poison in the past..This girl cant talk and needs help when she walks.. but she is so creative when it...
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Colour
Smile Like You Mean it. Some ruins from back home, in Eritrea.
Arsiema Photography, Black and White
Smile This is a face of time.
Arsiema Photography, Black and White
The Priceless Smile Artist(s): Zakir Ayoub Organization: Youth Parliament of J&K The Priceless Smile
ayv Photography, Colour
-Toothy smile - A young girl that i met in the aftermath of Tsunami during one of the field visits in a Tsunami- hit village in Pondicherry. Her family lost all their worldly possessions and were living in makeshift tents. Still in times of such despair, her smile remained the only ray of hope....
Binz Photography, Colour
All smiles at the cafe
blaisemac Photography, Colour
Smile, Day Dreaming 'Smile' is a image that I wanted to use to show how there are differences in smiles, this one in particular to me seems fake and kind of over bearing. Day Dreaming is a poem I wrote quite a while ago, granted the idea portrayed is not exactly original, but it did capture how I felt at the time.
bobbiemck Mixed Media
Smilely Chica this picture is of a very happy chica! you can see the happiness all over her face...i was in a very good mood when i drew this, my feelings are expressed upon her face! :P
breslin Drawing, Pencil