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Submissions (12)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Floating smoke Smoke from a fire. Smoke spreading into sky.
Photography, Colour
Smoke-Anthony Self-harm, it damages your own lungs!
BADbreed4588 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
“Killer smoke” More people these days die from cancer, because they are smokers! I tried to illustrate how bad that cigarette is for you!
Bistere Painting
Smoke A face with subtly quizzical expression.
Endorphin Computer Graphics
Smoke! Somking Man.. Somking the Day!.. Just tried from his worries and dreams.. just wanted to rest from his goal run!.. and he rest on the sidewalk... while all people are in rush around .. but he sit to smoke..!
khaled Photography, Colour
man smoke cigarette -
mirboy Painting, Oil
petrapaul Photography, Black and White
Nighttraffic - heavy smoke
Rauf Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Canada Geese, Tracks & Smoke Seeing Canada Geese, wild animals, with a backdrop of train tracks and smoke coming from some random stack just seemed... weird.
ryann Photography, Colour
The Real Face of our World Human creations are destroying our mother nature and we can see the whole destruction by one scenario.Our air and water is both are getting polluted.Plastics,other dangerous elements and poisonous smoke will kill every living
Tags: whales, trash, environment, plastic, smoke, factories
TasnimMaliha Mixed Media