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Submissions (33)

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Aurora Borealis When I see the glowing northern lights shining above my Yukon home, it's all I can do to stand watching them until I finally get cold enough standing in the shining dumes of snow. It's amazing to see them dance overhead while we wait awestruck below, admiring the miracle of the aurora borealis. I feel like this is the true Canada; free of...
Tags: tree, snow, northern lights
anniefortune Painting, Acrylic
Eric Seenarine's favourite photo. A sunny afternoon at the neighborhood of Jefferson side road in Richmond Hill.
Tags: favourite, snow, winter, trees, sunny, blue, group, b, groupb
ericseen Photography, Colour
Falling Into Snow Last winter, there was so much snow in Istanbul. We decided to go out and do something interesting. We played snowball and took some pictures. This was taken by my friend while I was falling onto the snow.
turalaliyev Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Fireworks in the Snow--Ouray, Colorado
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Frosty This piece shows the snow and a snowman that many Canadians identify with and recognize. It was all new to me and my family and I want to show how happy it makes us to be able to make snowmen in our new home!
Tags: snowmen, snow, frosty
MirnaEl Print
July. The lake. The Snow...
Lesunchik Painting, Watercolour
Let it snow I took this picture after the first snowfall in my city. I then edited it in photoshop and added the first words that popped into my head.
TFurnissTimmins Computer Graphics
Niagara Falls - Snow Lingering in April A small snow covered island quietly rests just above the dynamic waters of Niagara.
beeboh Photography, Colour
Purple snow Purple snow - oil painting with dimensions 980x580mm
jozefkuti Painting, Oil
Snow Falling
arq Photography, Colour