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Submissions (12)

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Pessoas O amor das pessoas é o maior potencial de transformação do mundo.
Tags: diversidade, pluralidade, mundo, globo, amor, pessoas, gente
VagaLume Collage
Close the SOA this was the first of 3 fences outside of the school of the Americas (renamed WHINSEC)after the November 2008 SOAWatch Vigil. more info at
Liamjod Photography, Colour
standing guard an army jacket at the fence outside fort Benning, Georgia. 2008
Tags: war, whinsec, soa, soaw
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Soaring into Peace This sculpture signifies what human rights brings to the landscape of conflict. It can be the difference between war and peace. When human rights are protected, we can soar into peace. Here we see a dynamic white dove emerging from khaki green and beige infantry figures.
Tags: human rights, war, peace
AzizaM Sculpture