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Submissions (24)

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A model of the school's roof with solar panels I researched if it would be better for our building if solar panel's were placed on the roof.
dfox Print
ASIMAMJAD Painting, Oil
Exposition in isolation Sometimes the focus isn’t on the important. Support the proper changes.
Taylorhezz13 Photography, Colour
Go Solar! This art was created by a first grader at Bullis Charter School in California, USA.
anushkasrinivasan Drawing, Pencil
Isolated but Integrated Hi I am Daniela. For my photo, it shows a lonely park, but is it really lonely? Its full of creativity, activities, and details. Ever since quarantine, everything has been abandoned and alone; we all used to be together, hanging out and having fun. So this picture depicts the thought of being alone but reunited at the same time. This stood out...
Tags: quarantine, creativity, isolation, selfquarantine
day_nel Photography, Digitally Manipulated
quietDesperation Ink, Brush
Isolation and Disconnection from Nature 3 Mankind's isolation state in which we're immersed provokes an impossibility to understand and care for our surroundings. In many situations, we blindly forget our interconnectedness to the planet earth. The effort for a conscious process of becoming connected with the natural world will help reverse the way we treat our primordial resources...
Tags: nature, man, trees
ElisaPritzker Sculpture
Peaks of Solace. Now, wouldnt you love to sky those slopes!<br /> <br /> I like the sky of this one...The mountains are a little more rigid than I'd hoped, but...It IS a Digital Elevation Model File.<br /> <br /> - - -<br /> Pred.
Predattack 3D Graphics
heavensearth Painting, Acrylic
Solar Biodome This solar biodome conserves energy and makes a new look for the future. I love the way that the home is placed in the environment around it. It is outside Taos New Mexico.
pebbles Photography, Colour