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Personal Development Coach No more excuses! Today is the day you are going to change your life. Start now to make the changes to live the life you always wanted! I will help you channel your energy and focus towards the right direction. Book a free consultation to find out how!
Jackie Robinson NYC - Final Project Prep
Jackie Robinson NYC - Making Props
Jackie Robinson NYC - Script Writing
Clarisonic Mia Clarisonic Mia are more compact, more travel-friendly, and more colourful than classic Clarisonic
4Harrison Self Portraits
Allison Brown- Berkeley Carroll
Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Roland Jackson agitates that The fight for a better world. peace talk is a great weapon Guns into the sahara desert belt, who sponsored the rebels for years, was the money robbed by rebels and terrorist has been use as scholarship, these weapon are they traced to the 47 round code once own by Osama bin ladin. does these weapon comes in through...
Group 3 - Josh TylerP & Skye - Alyssa & Madison
Places and Persons From Campeche-La Vaqueria-La Festen Brave-La Fiesta Brava *** Una manifestacion de las tradiciones en Mexico es sin duda la fiesta brava. ***A manifestation of the traditions in Mexico is without a doubt the brave celebration. In Logwood it has been eradicated I mistreat alos animals and one has become average enternaiment and like collecting money for the church.
Fathers and Sons A painted aluminum sculpture, 10' high, shown at Pier Walk '99 on Chicago's Navy Pier.

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'Save Water'- Rap song Fourth grade, Suncity School, India. Our enthusiastic Fourth graders went live at the India Water Week to spread the message of water conservation. They used art and rap to deliver a powerful message to everyone about saving water.
Tags: india, Suncity School. Clean, green, environment, pollution
clannapurna Mixed Media
1 Joke = 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment! The brutal military regime in Myanmar (Burma) put these three comedians/puppeteers/artists in jail for a "joke" at one of their performances. Two of them were sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment. The Moustache Brothers are now under house arrest and can only perform within the confines of their home.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
A wall..a prison That wall you built is but a prison to you and to me...I'm locked here and you're locked there...though we're supposed to be living in one world
yarinos Cartoons
action poisson m
mariesperance Photography, Colour
Arabian Prisoner change your life fight for your life dont share in makeing yourself an arabian prisoner
Tags: what is it
MarwaAdel Mixed Media
Asimbonanga. Nelson Mandela Nelson is there thinking about the future of our crazy world
Tags: nelson, mandela, asimbonanga, bloodpen, drawing
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Atman - Marilyn Manson
lluisvila Sculpture
Audrey et son bracelet de fleurs Lors d'une belle promenade en montagne, voici une belle photo de mon amie Audrey.
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
ave con personalidad this is really colored pencils, not pastel, except for the background...
Noise Drawing, Pastel
Butterfly - Madison Laine 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest “Butterfly” Madison Laine Age 7 Calgary, AB
Tags: butterfly, cwf, gettoknow
JulieGao Photography, Colour