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Vist the wild life in South Africa This guy has a great look; I want to Skack his handle.
wahooe Photography, Colour
SOUTH AFRICA - 1989 “south africa – 1989” -things to do- don’t buy their diamonds, don’t but their gold, boycott them, directly and indirectly, spread the word, [ supply and demand.]… passive resistance, [ remember gandhi,] think, feel, change things… art should help catalyze change and change should lead to progress… think less about this artwork than...
transcenderarts Sculpture
SOUTH AFRICA - 1989 [ front view ] "south africa, 1989"- again; prejudgement reduces the capacity to love, and consequently, to be loved; [ a denial of roots is deadly to the foundation.]... height - 58 inches - width - 36 inches - depth - 29 inches... view all side on
transcenderarts Sculpture