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Green Spaces in NYC
Green Space Designs
MS 172 Playground Theater Space
Unit 3: Green Spaces
Ms Duffys Class Green Space
Dublin Ireland - Green Space Visit
Unit 3: Green Spaces in NYC
Space exploration Expand an humanity through science & technology.
Different Places, Different Spaces For this month's theme of Travel, the Global Gallery will be running a contest, entitled "Different Places, Different Spaces". A voyage named hope, resources to conquer, a tourist's tour, an opportunity, a challenge, an escape from sufferance. A voyage about discovering new cultures, societies and values, excitement, Big Ben,...
Space Utilization for a single Human Being These are photos of a model i created during my project where i was to allocate living space to one person.

Submissions (51)

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Space Travel Painting made for a homeless shelter in my city.
ArnoldYasin Mixed Media
from the global village to glocal villages, by bitwatt A Village for every era: from the "Local Village" of the agricultural era to the "Global Village" of the industrial/post-industrial era and on to the "Glocal Villages" of the era of generative tech-nets: bits, watts, ..... and complexity .....
Tags: global, local, glocal, village, sharing, cars, bikes, computers, public, space, piazzatelematica
bitwatt Computer Graphics
Cleopatra out of space Cleopatra out space face part 1 this is a giant size 3d animation poster of the the mega super star singer diva producer director the world no 1 multi-genre musician the one and only queen of the Nile... Cleopatra
cleopatrasinger 3D Graphics
dodidove Photography, Colour
Peace on Earth...and in Space Canada is playing a behind-the-scene role in George Bush's ballistic missile defense without the democratic approval of the people! Tell the PM to come clean and put it to a vote!
gman Computer Graphics
Spacerock I Somewhere...
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Spacerock II (part 1)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Spacerock II (part 2)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Spacerock II (part 3)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Innerspace (software: Photoshop)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated